Les Trois Amies Wedding



Q. How far in advance should I book?

A. It is best to book as early as possible, as Les Trois Amies books up very quickly (up to 18-24 months in advance at times), particularly during the peak wedding season (October - April).  We are now finding that September and May, and even the winter months are becoming busier.  However, if there is an existing booking on your wedding day already, other musicians can be booked for you, as there is a pool of professional, experienced players available.

Q. How do I book?

A. Please complete a booking form and pay a $110 (including GST) deposit to secure a booking.  The balance of payment will then be due two weeks before the function date.  The booking form can be emailed or posted, and the deposit paid via cheque, money order, cash or directly into our account (please ask for details). To obtain a booking form via email, please contact Rebecca at info@lestroisamies.com.au or call 0419 854 874.

Q. What instruments are used?

A. Les Trois Amies usually consists of Flute, Violin & Cello.  Duos of either Flute & Cello or Violin & Cello may be used, as well as solos by all three instruments.  While these are cheaper options, the trio creates a better overall sound and visual effect.  A String Quartet is also an option (2 Violins, Viola & Cello) or a Quartet using Flute, Violin, Viola & Cello.  Please get in touch for a quote.

Q. Do you provide a harpist and/or a singer?

A.  We can contact harpists and singers, so it just depends on their availability.  Their fees are completely separate to ours.  Please get in touch for a quote.

Q. Can you play with a singer?

A.  Yes, we can, and have on many occasions.  The singer may be a friend or relation of yours or someone we have recommended.  Please be aware that fees will apply for rehearsals with a singer.  If the singer is non-professional, consider using their services carefully, as they might be very nervous on the day, affecting their performance.

Q. How long should I book for?

A.  It entirely depends on your requirements.  If booking Les Trois Amies for a ceremony only, then an hour's booking is usually sufficient ($450 plus GST).  If you are having a full Catholic mass, then it is recommended that you book for 1.25 hours ($510 plus GST) or for 1.5 hours ($570 plus GST).  If you would like music at your reception also, then we often do an hour for the pre-dinner drinks or two hours including pre-dinner drinks and the beginning of dinner.  It is your choice!  Our minimum booking is for 1 hour.

Q. Can you play outside?

A. Yes, we do this all the time.  However, please be aware that Les Trois Amies cannot play in direct sunlight, due to damage to instruments, so please provide a shady area for us.  That may mean using a market umbrella in some cases.  Neither can we play in rain, for the same reason, so it is useful to have a wet weather backup plan.  Please let us know what this is at time of booking.

Q. How many pieces can you play in an hour?

A. The answer to this depends on whether Les Trois Amies is playing at a ceremony or reception. 


If playing for pre-dinner drinks for an hour, then we could probably manage up to about 20 pieces.  The more you choose, the more we have an idea of what you like.


If playing for a ceremony, you could break it down as follows:

Before ceremony (approx. 15 plus minutes): 5-8 pieces


Processional: 1 piece (occasionally two pieces, one for bridesmaids and something else for the bride).


Candle Ceremony: if applicable, 1 piece, usually in 2 sections.  We find Air on G works well for this, as we can play two separate sections of the piece for the two parts of the candle ceremony, which are different music, yet are linked and sound similar.  Or you could simply choose two different pieces.


The signing of Registry: usually one piece, but many clients choose a second piece as a backup.


Recessional: usually one main piece, but then one or two others afterwards, for the congregation leaving the church.  If the ceremony is in a garden, then you could choose other 5-8 pieces for after the ceremony, while guests are offering congratulations.


If having a full mass Catholic ceremony, you would also require one piece for the Offertory Procession, and one piece for Communion.

Q. How much music should I choose?

A. You can choose as much or as little music as you like:

* Leave it up to the experience and expertise of Les Trois Amies to choose everything for you. 
* Choose music for the special parts of the ceremony and then let us select the rest. 
* Choose music for everything.


If not choosing much music, at least give us an idea of your musical likes and dislikes.  It helps to mark on the repertoire list your favourites, as well as pieces that you do not want to hear at your wedding!  Generally, musical taste is a very personal thing, so please let us know about yours.

Q. Do I have to choose my music at the time of booking?

A. No, and most people don't!  Initially, we require the date, time and venue of your wedding/function. 

Please inform of us of your music choices by at least one month before your function.

Q.  Do I have to meet with you before the wedding to discuss music choices?

A.  You don't have to meet up unless you want to.  If you prefer, you can inform us of your choices via phone, mail or email.  We highly recommend that you come to hear us at a live performance if possible, so that we can help to give you ideas and confirm your choices by playing pieces for you and discussing in almost a workshop situation.

Q. Can you do special requests not already on your repertoire list?

A. Yes, but there is a charge of $50 (plus GST) per request, as the average time to arrange music is 3 hours per piece.  It also depends on the availability of sheet music, and sufficient time is given to arrange the music (at least one month before the wedding date, but as early as possible).  Be aware that you will be also be charged for any sheet music purchase costs, but this would always be done with your consent.

Q. Do you attend wedding ceremony rehearsals?

A. Not usually, as your instructions via email/phone/meeting are normally enough for us to know what to do.  Please email an order of service prior to the wedding, for our perusal, as well as letting us know your celebrant or priest's name for liaison on the day. If you would like us to attend the rehearsal, we can do so for a fee, and depending upon availability.

Q. What do you require on the day?

A. Les Trois Amies requires: 
* 3 armless chairs 
* Level, shaded area approx. 3 metres x 2 metres 
* Adequate lighting for reading music (similar to reading a small print book). 
* Minimal wind if possible!!

Please note that Les Trois Amies is UNABLE to play outside when it is raining, due to the delicate nature of our instruments.

Q. How do you know when to start playing for my entrance?

A.  Usually, we liaise with the celebrant/priest who will give us a cue when to start.  We will also obviously follow the ceremony closely, so that we know when to play for the other important parts of the proceedings, eg candle ceremony, signing etc.  It is helpful for us to be given an order of service on or before the day to assist in this.

Q.  What if the music ends before I have made it down the aisle? 


A.  If we see that the music is coming to its end, and you still have some distance to go to reach the altar, we will continue to play the same piece, either from the beginning or from an appropriate section.  We arrange this amongst ourselves beforehand, as a backup plan.  This also applies to the signing and recessional, and all sections of the ceremony.

Q.  Do you require any power /amplification?

A. Not usually, most churches and garden venues have perfectly good acoustics for us.  If however, your venue is huge or you have a very large amount of guests, you may want to consider the use of microphones.  Unfortunately, we do not have our own equipment.

Q. What do you wear?

A. Smart, formal all black: pants or skirt or dress.  That way we can't clash with the bridesmaids!  If your function is black tie or themed specially, please inform us, so we can dress accordingly.

Q.  Do you travel to the country for weddings/functions?

A.  Yes we do, given availability.  A quote can be given for this and depends on the distance from Perth and length of performance time, therefore including both travel and performance costs.  Please be aware that you will be charged for a minimum of two hours performance time in addition to travel costs, even if you just want a one-hour performance.

Q.  What if the ceremony/function runs overtime?

A.  Les Trois Amies cannot guarantee to be able to stay later on the day of the performance due to possible other commitments.  Please be very sure of your finish time.  If at all unsure about this, please contact us to discuss.  If however, the event does happen to run late, and we are able to stay and continue performing, you will be charged by the quarter hour.  An invoice for the extra time will be sent to you if this occurs.

Q.  What happens if a musician is sick on the day?

A.  Fortunately, Les Trois Amies has a large group of talented musicians to call upon, so there are plenty of backups if this situation occurs.